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E>Train Treadmill '23

E-Train's hockey treadmill is designed around a proven, scientific methodology for training athletes of all ages and skill levels.

Our trainers work on developing your athlete’s hockey stride to reach that low 90 degree knee bend,  full 180 degree extension, and the use of correct arm swing. The broken down components are then built up in order to enhance speed, power and endurance. Helping your athlete achieve  the next level!

Our E-Train coaches help explain not just the  HOW to skate correctly but the WHY as well.

Specific workouts are catered to the athletes needs.  We show live video analysis, the use of slow motion, and the ability to pause video enabling us to make corrections on the smallest of details. All in turn  making our athletes achieve maximum efficiency in their stride.


Jeremy Pries

Phone: 952-210-2263