First Year Mite Fees:

  • AVHA registration fee is waived
  • You will need to pay a ~$50 USA Hockey fee*
  • You will receive an equipment voucher for a basic pad set (helmet, chest, elbows, gloves, hockey pants/breezer, and shins).  The voucher will be sent by email within two weeks of registration.

Returning Mite Fees:

  • AVHA registration fee is $100 for returning Boys Mite (2nd & 3rd grade)
  • AVHA registration fee is $50 for returning Boys Mini-Mite (1st grade & younger)
  • AVHA registration fee is $50 for all returning Girl Mites
  • You will need to pay a ~$50 USA Hockey fee*

*The USA Hockey fee is waived for those ages 6 and under.

The AVHA Registration Fee includes: registration, ice time, jersey and socks for the regular season.

We will once again offer a Mite traveling program (Mite Plus/U8). This program is in addition to the regular Mite season and has additional costs. For more information, please see the Mite Program Manual.