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Mite Registration '23

OPTIONAL Mite Plus/U8 Registration

Mite Plus/U8 is a traveling hockey component for boys and girls in addition to the "in-house" program. This program is open to all in 2nd and 3rd graders and those mini-mites who have completed at least one full year of Association hockey. At the beginning of the season, players will be evaluated and placed at the appropriate level for their skill development.

Pre-season clinics are included with your Mite Plus/U8 registration.

Initial Evaluations are NOV 11-12

The price of the Mite Plus/U8 program is based on your team's actual costs split up among all the players.  This is your "ice bill".  The range is $300 to $500 for the season &  you will receive an invoice on a monthly basis.  See the Mite Program for full more information.

Additional Questions

If you have questions regarding the Mite Program, please contact our Mite Coordinators at .