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AVHA Introduces New Hockey Development Information For Members

By Chris Slater, 08/13/14, 8:15PM CDT


AVHA has recently created a section on our web site dedicated to keeping our membership more informed about our ongoing player development strategies. This information was created and will be maintained by our Hockey Development Committee (HDC).

The information is located under the "Resources" tab at the top of the AVHA home page. If you click on it, you will see a drop down menu that contains two new links/tabs.

"Coaches Corner" is the tab where we will communicate with prospective and existing coaches. Things like coaching applications, development ideas for coaches and even sample practice drills and plans will be housed in this space moving forward.

Just below the "Coaches Corner", a tab labeled "Hockey Development" will house multiple pieces of information. First and foremost it will contain our general philosophy on youth hockey development to include our "Youth Manual," written by Chris Sikich, our Apple Valley Boys High School coach and HDC co-chair.

It will also include additional links to more information on our Player Development Coordinators (PDC) and our Tryout process. The goal of the PDC page would be to provide members with a specific understanding of who their PDC is and what their role is.

The goal of the tryout page will be to provide information on the skills/attributes players will be judged on at tryouts. We want players empowered to impact their team placement by knowing what they need to be good at.

Please keep in mind these pages are still in the development process. We hope they will constantly be evolving with new information. For now, take a look. We hope they are an informative start.

Chris Slater
HDC Co-Chair