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Apple Valley Hockey Association (AVHA) and Burnsville Hockey Club (BHC) are pleased to announce a co-op agreement for the 2017-18 hockey season.

By Crystal Kapps, 10/29/17, 10:30AM CDT


The following arrangement is a collaboration brought forth by both organization’s Development Committees which was ratified at separate Board Meetings on Wednesday, June 14th.  The motion was approved to include the following:

Bantams & PeeWees: Burnsville & Apple Valley will each host their own A/AA level team.  The remainder of the players will co-op to form B and C level teams.  We predict a total of 2 co-op teams for each Bantam and PeeWee age group.  The specific playing levels (B1, B2, C) will be determined at a later date.

Squirts: All of the squirt teams will be co-op.  We estimate 4 or 5 teams at this age group and will cover A, B & C playing levels.

10U & 12U:  All of the 10U & 12U teams will be co-op.  We estimate 2 teams per age group, one A and one B team per.

15U: Burnsville will host a 15U team.

There are two key goals for this arrangement.

  1. Provide a home for all players at the level appropriate for their skill.
  2. Have the correct number of players on each team.

Independently, each association does not have enough players for these two goals.  We are very close to each other in size and together we should provide all players a level of competition where they can grow.

It is important to understand how our co-op teams will work.  The players for the teams will be selected strictly based on skill - with no regard to home association.  After team selection, the team will be a part of either District 6 or District 8.  We will choose half of the co-op teams to be in District 6 and the other half in District 8.  The specific teams for each district will be picked at a later date.  If you are not familiar, District 6 covers the southwest metro area and District 8 the southeast.  

We intend to make the players and parents of the co-op teams feel as at home as possible.  Our desire is to split the practice ice approximately evenly between Burnsville Ice Center and the two Apple Valley rinks.

For the co-op teams, we will use co-coaches whenever possible where one coach is from each association.  Additionally, player development coaches from each association will be involved with all co-op teams.

At this point, there are many details to be worked out.  Stay tuned for more information in the coming weeks.

Jeremy Pries & John Welsch
Presidents, AVHA & BHC