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AVHA Invests in Pro Quality Equipment

By Crystal Kapps, 09/27/18, 4:00PM CDT


Training Investment

AVHA is proud to announce our investment in some additional pro level training gear for the AVHA Training Center.  This is a part of our ongoing commitment to provide a high quality youth hockey experience at a great value.  The combination of our conservative approach to spending and the strength of our funding operation has made it possible for us to buy the very same training equipment that the NHL teams, D1 Colleges and the local MAP program have invested in. Teams like the Pittsburgh Penguins, Chicago Blackhawks, Toronto Maple Leafs, Buffalo Sabers and D1 programs like Ohio State and Penn State have installed this equipment and it is a core part of their training program.


We have contracted to buy a Rapid Shot machine ( that measures reaction time, shot speed and accuracy for players in a high intensity session using some state-of-the-art technology.  A player swipes his card and gets a 16 puck session, the machine serves perfect passes and provides a light up target to shoot at, the machine records the stats on reaction time, shot speed and accuracy and all these data points are logged and recorded by the Rapid Shot database. Players can see not only their own progress over time and their stats compared to teammates, but also how their stats stack up to all other kids in their age group that are on the Rapid Shot database.  Almost as good as a round of Fortnite!!


We are also investing in two Rapid Hands machines (  These machines are the same state of the art technology for improving stickhandling skills.  All of this new equipment should be installed and operational in our Training Center by early October.

Here is what some high level coaches and players have said about the Rapid Shot system:


That’s an amazing machine. I can see improvements just from that thing from the start of the year. If I had that when I was a kid, geez, hey look out.” Troy Bodie, Toronto Maple Leafs


"Recently, I was in the RapidShot lane with a former NHL'er who played professionally for over 18 years. I saw the same excitement in his eyes that I see with a six year old." Owner/Manager Jeff Kolcon, Maksymum Hockey, ESL Center, Rochester NY


"I train nearly daily at the RapidShot and am really excited. I believe that this training brings something special to my routine and moreover, it’s fun!" Christoph Schubert, NHL player, Ottawa


" .....I can tell you that my team has shot 86,331 pucks for the year to date and all of my players have added anywhere from 3-4 mph on their shots, have shaved .2 to.3 tenths of a second on each of their reaction times. The accuracy they now have is better than any team I have seen in our age group. As far as the RapidShot machine, it has been a great investment for our team. I have nothing but great things to say." Head Coach/Trainer, Mike Hamilton, Honeybaked, Detroit, MI


Historically, our program has not maximized the potential of the Training Center. With this investment in the best equipment available, it is the expectation that our coaches and players will log more quality time in the Training Center utilizing these tools along with traditional training exercises focused on agility, core strength, and skill development.  This is a game changer for AVHA!