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AVHA On-Ice Training Aids

We are excited to announce that the AV Hockey Association has invested in bringing NEW on ice skills training devices to our members.  We have a full set of training materials that will be stored at Apple Valley Sports Arena (AV High School). Teams are welcome to use the gear during their practices.

Edge boss hockey

After years of research and development, edgebosshockey has produced a premier line of Hockey Training Aids. Lightweight and durable, each hockey training product has been designed to withstand the constant barrage of stick, puck and skate strikes, creating opposition and interference to the simplest or most complicated skill drills.

National hockey programs recommend upwards of 80% of practice time be devoted to individual skill and skating development, however, this is seldom the case. Most coaches are apprehensive about teaching skills and skating, and focus on team tactics instead. This delays core skills acquisition, making execution of team tactics even more challenging. Long lineups, limited reps, missed passes, and regular interruptions are not conducive to skill acquisition and skating development.

Skating and skill development can be intimidating to introduce or teach, but edgebosshockey makes it easy for the Coach or Trainer by taking the spotlight off of them and putting it squarely on the hockey practice equipment and The FUNdamental being worked. edgebosshockey makes it easier and more effective than ever to follow national recommendations for skating & skill development. Our passion is producing hockey training gear that provides opportunities for valuable skills to be learned.

Give-N-Go Training

Give-N-Go is the first hockey puck rebounder to use solid rubber bumpers (patent pending). These one-of-a-kind bumpers are custom-designed and manufactured to precise specifications in rubber hardness and thickness for rebounding even the hardest passes back to the passer fast and flat, with natural and predictable rebound action. ​

Develop strong passing and receiving skills

  • Train all ages, all skill levels

  • 25 drills included

  • Used by NHL teams

Attention hockey coaches

Incorporate the Give-N-Go passing and receiving training aid into every practice to develop these critical skills:

  • Forehand/backhand passing

  • Receiving forehand/backhand passes

  • Angled passes

  • One-time passes

  • One-time shots

  • Saucer passes

  • Drop passes

  • Quick and short passes

  • Long and hard passes​

EBH Stick 16 8 8
EBH MiniStick 6 6 6
EBH Ghost 8 8 8
EBH Moon 8 8 8
EBH Link 6 6 6
Pick Pocket Net Adapter 2 2 2
Pick Pocket 2 2 2
EBH Rebounder 1 1 1
Carry Case 1 1 1