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2022-2023 Peewee C Facebook Page

Join us for live scrimmage and game coverage!

Home Game/ Scrimmage Box Duty Assignments

All families are responsible for supporting home game and scrimmage box duties.  Duties include score keeper, clock, music, and penalty box.  If you are unable to fulfill your assign day, it is YOUR responsibility to find a replacement.  Each family is assigned to a team below.

Game/ Scrimmage Date Team Assignment
February 25, 2023 (Game) Team Grey
February 26, 2023 (Game) Team Gold
February 27, 2023 (Game) Team Black

Box Duty Teams

Team Grey Team Gold Team Black
Kadir Evans Olstad
Neppl Lapp Narog
Ladd Welter Spencer
Dopp Swanson Robinson

Peewee C Tournament Schedule

Dan Darcy

Head Coach

Valerie Neppl

Co-manager/ Ice Coordinator

Sarah Robinson